Auto-foam is alkaline, but importantly it is non-caustic and it's the latter that causes the problem in damaging coatings. Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) can dull and leave finishes matt and lifeless when used long-term, auto-foam will never do this.

The pH preoccupation has arisen due to information propagated by self-professed experts on the internet.  Most damage to car finishes is caused by particulate based road films that cause abrasive damage when removed by washing with mitt or sponge- inducing hologram scratching and paint wear. Our auto-foam is designed to remove as much of this a possible before use of sponge or mitt and this massively reduces the chance of mechanical damage. 

Even some manufacturers of so called ceramics, last stage products and waxes insist on a pH7 (neutral) shampoo or cleaners and this is astonishing considering the normal range for rain water is pH 5-6. Our double speed wax can be washed around 60 times with auto-foam and still resist removal.